HomeSchoolClerk Reporting Software


What is the HomeSchoolClerk Reporting Software?

It is free software designed with one set purpose.  To make it easier to produce your Letter of Intent, IHIP, Quarterly Reports, and Student Report Cards.


Basic Features

The Letter of Intent, IHIP, and Quarterly Reports can be printed and saved to PDF files.

The IHIP can be created new or copied from previously created IHIPs.

The Quarterly Reports copy forward the information created in the IHIP.

Coversheets can be generated for sending in the IHIP and Quarterly Reports

Student Report Cards can be generated with additional comments for the students.

Printed reports are automatically saved for future reference.

Data is saved and backed up on your computer.


How does it work?

Enter your Name, Address, Student information once after you first install the program.

At the beginning of the year, print a Letter of Intent.

Create your IHIP by entering the subject information or choosing a previously created IHIP as your starting point.  This comes in handy when you have several kids who have the same curriculum from year to year.  Copying an IHIP makes creating your IHIP almost a one-click operation.

When it’s time for the Quarterly Report you start with the information carried forward from the IHIP.  Add information for materials covered, enter your grades and print.

No need to worry about formatting. The IHIP and Quarterly Reports print on templates that take care of the formatting.

The reports can be printed or saved as a PDF. The PDF could be emailed to your school district.  Some school districts allow this.

You may also create Student Report Cards for each quarter.